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Commercial fengshui, is not only the matter of 'fengshui', it also concerns with the harmonious of the owner's numerology. With the rational planning of commercial property, a systematic and professional guidance upon the determinations of location, planning of overall arrangement, generatrix design and retail distribution will be given to help the business development, in order to create an auspicious manner and leads the way to wealth. 

Feng shui may affect the tendency of business and popularity, and even the gain or loss of income. Hence, it should be treated prudently. 

Nevertheless, with the guidance of Master Paw in utilising of Feng shui will bring in prosperity and luck and even a tremendous boost to your business!

Residential Feng Shui Consultation

Feng shui is also considerably important in house living environment, technically, it is controllable. Harmonising the feng shui of living environment will bring a good fortune to the residents. Residential feng shui is an emphasis that affect wealth, career, unison and prosperous of the entire family. 

Master Paw’s Residential feng shui Consultation provides the exclusive interior feng shui arrangement and pattern, taboos and furnishings. She will guide you the arrangement of feng shui personally, and finds you the best positions such as the position of wealth, benefactor and etc. Master Paw will apply her unique way according to the birth (bazi) of the owner to customize a feng shui arrangement that specially for the host only, and upgrade the family fortune. 

We do also have a team of interior designer and renovation department, hence, there will be no burden in assorting Feng Shui with your residential. Reasonable interior design, scientific decoration and the well use of colours help resolving the Feng shui issue, in order to create a healthy, peaceful and balanced Feng Shui arrangement. Master Paw’s residential Feng Shui also takes the most advantages in the whole residential Feng Shui domain.

Bazi Analysis

Everyone’s birth date and time is one unique Bazi when it was transform into five elements and polarity. Bazi is a base of one’s destiny that is equally significant in marriage, family and career. Bazi Analysis is mainly in fortune telling and find out their best development directions and paths, and eventually leads the way to success! 

A man’s success, fortune and opportunity is key, a career wouldn’t be succeed without the help of opportunity. However, according to Master Paw experience, failures come in opportunity too. Hence, Master Paw reminds people out there to repair the house before it rains, and this is also the significance of Bazi Analysis! 

By analyzing a person numerology, it's easy to know when will be having an opportunity or when will the person be facing problems. In a meantime, we can grasp the chances and avoid those unwanted problems, making the right choice and meet our glorious future.

Baby Naming

To care the younger generations, give them a good name. Name is the first gift that were given to the child from parents, it is also a lifelong symbol of a child. It is a first impression to other people, and it also concerns a child destiny after all. Instead of passing them your wealth, give them a Good Name. Master Paw will give your child a name that according to his/ her Bazi, and five elements, emphasise your child’s fate advantages in the most effective and traditional way. In additional, a name will also affect oneself destiny, getting a nice name with good fortune possesses a positive and auspicious aura, which it is also the main point in naming! 

A person name is not only a form of address, it somehow reflects a person fate. Fate were define in two sections, one referred as their primary lifetime, which is determined by their born time and date, as known as oneself ‘Bazi’. Another one referred as acquired lifetime, which is formed by different factors like growth environment, acquaintances and events confronted and given name. They are all the elements that affect a person acquired lifetime. 

Name is not just an appellation but also a hidden expectation and love given to a child from the parents. Due to everything is based on the five elements, thus a name that can complete a child's five elements will restrain everything from baffling a child development, and lead them to a better life.

Adult Naming

As the saying goes, ‘the wrong naming is as bad as a fallen life,’ proved that how can a name affect a person life. In pace with the world goes, neither the name which we are using currently is gradually breaking away from the tendency nowadays, or it is completely incompatible to our Bazi. Eventually, people choose to rename for a better future. 

Master Paw will be using varieties of professional skills that are based on a person’s birth date (bazi) to complete the adult naming. Adult naming means changing its name into a name that possesses auspicious and grace, it is not only an appellation that is compatible with the trend, it also emphasises the characteristic of five elements. A auspicious name helps improving a person’s career, marriage, health, study and interpersonal relationship. 

Naming can be a turning point of a person's life, some of the celebrities are getting gradually famous after changing their name. In pace with the era develops, naming is getting important nowadays. A perfect name means a good start of life, a auspicious name card, somehow is a guidance of success.

Company Naming

A company name is like a goldmine to the entire firm. To become a successful and unique one, a name is key. It’s like a sign that represents a company’s image, in order to impress the audiences and a step towards success. A unique name makes a firm easy to identify, accompany with a favourable goodwill, it will attract more customers and eventually generate more benefits. 

A name has to be compatible with the current industry characteristics and locations, and the founder’s ‘five elements’. In another words, inner power has the more effect. Company’s name and products logo have to be balanced and match to create a perfect image for the company. Hence, launching a company, naming is an important step. 

If a company name is compatible with its origins and numerology of the founder, it will produce a positive influence to the entire company and brings in a great boost.

Auspicious Date Selection Of Marriage

Marrying is a big day for a person, which means a date selection is passing important to them. A auspicious date selection can make the whole ceremony a sweet memory to remember forever, that signify a beautiful marriage is coming into being. We will pick a auspicious date according to the bride’s and bridegroom’s Bazi, to have their marriage lasts in a wealthy and good life, enjoying in the atmosphere of bliss and prosperity. 

A marrying ritual contains a lot of complicated procedures such as engagement, performing formal bows, wedding banquets and etc that will take a several days to achieve. Thus, every procedure needs a good date to carry out. We believe that every one wants their significant day to be perfect, and make a good start for their marriage. 

Feng Shui, numerology, date selection and more use of skills is free-religious and race. Picking a auspicious date is necessary, and it doesn’t matter what sort of wedding ritual you want. It is a good thing to find your fated one upon so many people, hence, deciding a suitable date will make your marriage more blissful.

Auspicious Date Selection Of New Born

A form of destiny is decided through a well Bazi. A perfect birthday and birth time will form an excellent Bazi numerology. And this numerology can make a person retain a lifetime of fortune and wealth. 

What means by selecting a perfect date to do Caesarean Section is to use the rule of numerology of Bazi and a timing to the path of wealth and power, to welcome the arriving of new born baby and ensure both of the mother and the baby to be safe and healthy. 

Besides from that, selecting the perfect time and date can predict the combination of numerology with Bazi. Deciding a good time and date is as important as giving your child a good numerology, that brings healthy develops and wealthiness, build your child a stable and rich basic for their future career.

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