For the past ten years, Johor undergoes tremendous changes. Johor attracted the most foreign direct investment (FDI) among states in Malaysia. There are many factors to support the success. Chinese belief that the right timing, right location and right society is a good catalyst to start a new project. Malaysia Federal government and Johor State government worked together to introduced Iskandar Malaysia Plan during year 2006. Iskandar Malaysia is one of the 5 economy zones in Malaysia. As Iskandar Malaysia's strategic location near to neighboring countries, the talent pool and other factors, not to forget, it has some connection with the Feng Shui 5 elements chart. 

Let take a look from Feng Shui Perspective:

  • Zone A is Johor Bahru Town Centre

  • Zone B is Iskandar Puteri (formerly known as Nusajaya)

  • Zone C is Tanjung Pelepas Port

  • Zone D is Pasir Gudang

  • Zone E is Senai

Golden Triangle  


Zone A and B are in the golden triangle of C,D and E. Thus, Zone A and B are the center point of golden triangle. 

As Long as Singapore's economy continues to blossom, Iskandar Malaysia region is the largest beneficiary. 

Based on Master Paw's observation on Malaysia Map and development plan. Peninsular Malaysia and Singapore geographic structure are like a dragon. She described the dragon geographic peninsular lanky body from north to south. North South Highway is attached between the Titiwangsa mountains range. This structure is like "Dragon bone". While, Iskandar Malaysia is a region located under the "Dragon mouth". Singapore is like a glowing "Dragon Ball". As long as Singapore's economy continues to blossom, Iskandar Malaysia region is the largest beneficiary ( Dragon mouth gets all the great energy from dragon ball). 

Take a look at the Peninsular Malaysia. There is always a constant flow of traffic on the North-South Highway. The steady stream of day and night from the trail (Northern Region) toward the head ( South Region).It is representing the economy is transported into South Johor Bahru. Johor Bahru led the development of 5 Malaysia's economy zone. Besides that, Senai Airport E zone is known as the "Heacenly gate".Investment can "fly in"through the sky too. Zones C and D are the "East gate" and "West gate". The golden triangle area, a direct convergence from Singapore to Johor Bahru City Center and Iskandar Puteri zone. Therefore, zones A and B are the most popular and centralized investment location. 

Based on the two major development areas in the golden triangle, the development of Johor Bahru City center is quite saturated. The Tebrau gulf is now focused with the development by Chinese enterprises. As all the zones are interconnected, Johor Bahru city center has promoted other development progress in other zones too. Master Paw is very optimistic with all the development progress is Iskandar Malaysia. Detailed planning such as the basic infrastructure and road in the residential areas is great from the Feng Shui Perspective. Road symbolized water in Feng Shui. Water is the cannel to bring in money. In another words, with the well-structured road systems around the area, Money can continue to flow in. It will boost the financial wellness of the area. 

Master Paw mentioned that from the Feng Shui perspective, all the development progress in Iskandar Malaysia is very optimistic. 

In the past five years, Iskandar Malaysia has released a number of property projects. However, the property price continues to surge since 2012. As the property development industry is the main focus of the Iskandar Malaysia development. The property industry continues to slip down the trend in 2015. It is not a good sign. 

Refer to Master Paw's analysis, there are several factors affected Iskandar Malaysia plan in recent years.

  • Poor Malaysia fortunes in year 2015 to 2017

  • Natural disasters

  • Non-ideal political and economic factor

However, based on Feng Shui analysis, the strategic location of Iskandar Malaysia Economic zone, it can still have sustained its' prosper for another 28 years. 

The universal is currently at its 8th cycles. This 8th cycle and the coming 9th cycles will continue to boast the southern region. Although several factors have affected the development profress, the overall performance of Iskandar Malaysia will be sustaining its' upward trend. Furthermore, year 2016 is economic unstable year, especially in the West. Thus, it will affect the overall development progress. Year 2017 will be a year with war. However, year 2018 is an "Earth" element year. It will be a good year for property industry. The property industry will have a much better prices. 

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